More important to Love or be Loved?

Love and be loved Give and Receive Love!

Sometimes you just want to be loved and other times you may feel like you have so much love to give. So which is more important, “to love or be loved”.

It is beneficial to find a place for both loving and being loved in your life. If you were always  the one receiving after a while things would not feel right. The relationship would not be healthy because when one person is doing all the giving and one doing all the receiving things may not flow so well. You may experience periods of time where receiving lots of attention and affection is wonderful but it is still a necessary part of relationship to be able to give back as well as to receive.

How to Love and be Loved?

By being able to love and be loved balance is created in your relationship. The best way to approach finding this balance is to:

  • Find a quiet place to sit and write down all the ways that you like to show your love.
  • Then write down all the ways that you like to receive love.
  • Ask you partner to do the same!
  • When you have both completed your lists choose a time when you are both relaxed and sit down and share what you have written.
  • Communicate from your heart openly and listen to each other in the same way.

Love Relationship When you communicate to each other the ways in which you show your love and the times when you feel really loved it brings such a depth of openness and honesty to your relationship. It may reveal new understandings to each other as well as give opportunities to experience giving and receiving love. This may take practice but by having this shared awareness of how each other feels it will help strengthen your relationship.

A healthy relationship is all about balance. Just as a right and left wing is of the same importance to a bird, it is equally important to love and be loved.


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