Dating Tips

My boyfriend still loves his ex but loves me too

If your boyfriend is saying they still love their ex, you might be wondering what you should do and whether it means you should instantly dump him. But relationships, like life, are usually way more complicated then that. When two people are in a committed relationship for a significant amount of time, it would be reasonable to expect that some feelings would continue to linger after they break up. If

What is ghosting someone when dating

The term ghosting in regards to relationships is when a partner decides to cease all communication and cuts off all possible contact with the other person. They do everything in their power to avoid and ignore the person, such as blocking phone numbers or social media accounts. They also refuse to respond to any attempts by the other person to reach out to them. It can happen whilst dating, early

Best summer love songs of all time

Summer time is the perfect time for BBQ’s, beach parties and falling in love but what’s a summer romance without a soundtrack? Here are our favorite picks for the top summer love songs of all time! Pick your faves and add them to your summer playlist to spark a little romance with your summer love or take you back to that special summer when you fell in love with your

Finding someone who knows your flaws, mistakes and weaknesses

It is important when dating to be able to be completely honest and share openly. This can sometimes make you feel vulnerable but this allows you to open your heart. Being able to share what you perceive as flaws or mistakes just allows you to reveal the frightened or uneasy parts of yourself. Then when that special person thinks you are completely amazing you know you have been authentic!

Cheap summer date ideas

Don’t get stuck in a dating rut this summer… Ditch the usual dinner date with your other half and try one of these 20 cheap summer date ideas that won’t break the bank! Go to a beer or wine festival – summer months are the most popular for fairs and festivals because of the great weather. Look up your local calendar of events, pick one out and enjoy it with

First dates conversation dos and donts

You finally worked up the courage to ask him/her out, now follow these do’s and don’ts of first dates that may lead you to find the one true love of your life! DO: be authentic and real be polite and considerate pay attention be on time put your phone away DONT: be overly emotional or dramatic talk about your ex bring up finances discuss health issues and physical ailments be too

Flirting tips for shy girls to get him to notice you

You’ve got your eye on a guy you’d like to know better but you may not know how to go about getting him to notice you. Use these flirting tips to get him to notice you and who knows, you might just land the date you’ve been waiting for! Make eye contact – It all begins with eye contact. Lock gazes with him for a second or two to let him

Is he falling for me signs

It may be a little difficult to know when a guy is falling in love with you because they don’t always verbally communicate their feelings like women. Use these 7 tell-tale signs to know when he’s falling for you… 1. He loves spending time with you – A guy wouldn’t forgo quality time hanging with the guys unless he is really into you. 2. He gets you gifts – Spending

Signs she is going to break up with you

When your girlfriend starts acting and treating you differently, it may mean that she’s no longer interested in you and the relationship could be falling apart. Here are a few of the biggest signs your girl is losing interest in you so you can figure out whether you want to work on your issues together or call it quits. She doesn’t return phone calls or texts for awhile – If she’s not

Funny and cheesy pick up lines

If you’re trying to hit on a pretty girl, you may want to try and stay away from these really bad pick up lines that will have her running the other way instead of into your arms! “Are those space pants? Because your ass is out of this world.” “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” “Do you have a map? ‘Cause I just got lost in your eyes.”