Dating Tips

First date conversation starters

Going on a first date can be kind of intimidating at times because of periods of awkward silence, that’s why you need to be prepared. Here are 15 questions to ask your date to keep the conversation going and get to know them better! Skim over them before you head out on your date and keep a few in mind. What are some of your passions and why? What would you

Should I give the relationship a try

When we are dating or have been dating for some time we can often hear that little voice in the head creating doubts and telling stories about our developing relationship with another person. Often fears can arise in relation to making a commitment to each other or questioning where we are heading in regard to the future of the relationship. We may view the relationship from a sense of pride

Creative dating ideas for happy relationships

Whether you are new to the dating scene or not it’s time to get creative to encourage happy, thriving relationships. Dating doesn’t have to mean going out for dinner or dining and then  going to the movies. Use your imagination for new and different  ideas to surprise your date or make your next date more exciting and adventurous. We are all so caught up in technology today and we forget

Stay at home romantic date ideas for couples

Although it’s nice to do sometimes, you don’t always need to go out to 5 star restaurants or do really expensive weekends away to show your love to each other. Sometimes the best date nights are cheap, if not free! It’s not about how much money you spend, but how you spend those precious minutes of your time together. So why not stay in this weekend with your partner and try some

Things to do to make your relationship stronger

Dreams really do come true and we can definitely change our mind when we meet someone new and discover that dating can be really romantic! You just have to be willing to open to the romantic inside of you! Thinking of your date! You have been out on a few dates together and you are really starting to get to know each other and enjoy each others company. You keep

How to be romantic on a date

Romance is an expression of love and expresses your desire to connect with your date. For some, showing their romantic side comes naturally while for others it requires some effort. Everybody is a ‘romantic’ at heart and can choose to reveal their romantic side at any time. Relationships have many faces. The number of dates you’ve had influences the type of misconception you may have about being romantic. Saying that

Signs you chose the wrong girl

Uncertain about the girl you are Dating A lot of guys discover that when they start dating girls, they often find themselves in circumstances that are filled with uncertainty and doubt. You might discover that you have a pattern of going out with girls with complications or endless drama issues. It would be helpful to become aware of certain signs that are going to tell you that she is probably

Signs you are dating the wrong person

Are you dating the wrong guy? There are plenty of signs that will guide you in knowing if this is the right or wrong guy for you. Is your date the controlling type? Maybe the guy you’re going out with is quite strong and controlling. This can be quite attractive in the beginning, as it seems his mind is always on you and you appreciate it. After you have been

Dating relationship stages - transition from dating to relationship

Is there a difference between dating someone and being in a relationship? Sometimes it can be really confusing for both people. The answer is yes, they are quite different. Two people decide to go out on a date to spend time together and get to know each other. They might talk about topics such as personal life, goals for the future, family, friends, hobbies and sports. If they enjoy spending

First date expectations

Your date doesn’t meet their expectations! Dating can be a really exciting time. It can be filled with mixed emotions as well. You wonder what it is going to be like, what you will talk about or whether this person is the one for you. Often all your friends know you are going on a date and who with and often they will have a lot to say. Friends like