Relationship Guidance

My boyfriend still loves his ex but loves me too

If your boyfriend is saying they still love their ex, you might be wondering what you should do and whether it means you should instantly dump him. But relationships, like life, are usually way more complicated then that. When two people are in a committed relationship for a significant amount of time, it would be reasonable to expect that some feelings would continue to linger after they break up. If

Tips for a happy marriage

One of the key components to a happy marriage is to do little things to remind you two of why you fell in love with each other in the first place such as these 10 suggestions. Make laughter happen User your words Put on your spouse’s shoes Keep dating Be present in the moment Take a deep breath (then take another) Get away Fight fair Let your care cup run

Appreciation words for husband

Many wives want their husbands to lavish them with sweet words and compliments while often forgetting to reciprocate the affection back to their husbands. Although most men may not want the same amount of affection, they still want to feel loved too! Practice showing your man you love him by making the effort to him these little things regularly. They will make him feel great and he will be more

Advice on relationship problems

Relationship is a connection between people. It means being able to relate to each other. When issues or problems arise which affect the relationship there needs to be a willingness to share and be open about what you are feeling. This doesn’t mean blaming, judging or making accusations. It is about sharing what you are feeling in a given situation and being willing to listen to the other person and

How to have a happy relationship

How we feel about our relationship affects every area of our lives. Many people that are married or have partners often convey that they are miserable. They are struggling to keep their relationship together. There are many temporary fixes that can make a difference to relationships but the most important thing is being willing to commit to each other and that means being willing to help each other to learn

Importance of communication in relationship

When we have an intimate partner, communicating to each other openly and clearly helps our connection strengthen. We want to make life wonderful for each other so we need to to talk about how we can do this. We want to give to each other from our hearts so it is important that we share and understand how each other feels. We need to be able to say ‘please’ and

How to know if it is true love

So many people ask questions like how do I know I love someone, how do I know it is true love or how do I know that someone loves me? The answer is it is not the words you use or the things you do. It is trusting what you feel in your heart. True love is not something you can easily put into  words and logically explain it because

How to have a healthy breakup

If your relationship just ended or you’re contemplating ending it, you’re probably interested in keeping it as drama-free as possible. As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. But there are actions you can take to ease the pain and move forward in a healthy way. Here are some steps to having a healthy break up: Give Each Other Space After a breakup, it can be tempting to

Signs of a good relationship

Relationships and finding the perfect partner The best relationships are often the ones you didn’t expect to happen. You may be searching for your perfect partner and often they are have been right there in front of you all along. You just have to open your eyes and see them in a whole new way. This person may challenge your views and really catch you off guard. Be willing to

How to make a woman want you

You know you have found the right girl and you want her to fall in love with you! How can you help to make that happen? The following points are suggestions you can work on and as you get to know each other more work on them together. Be a friend to the one you love It is important that when you spend time together you spend time doing things