About us

Just to share a little about us! We both dated a lot before we found each other but here we are now and we have been in a conscious loving partnership for over 10 years.  We have a deep connection to  each other and we live from our hearts and really enjoy life. Over the years of being together we have found how helpful it is to have good advice and to explore what really works. We want to share our way of loving and living with you!

Our Relationship Communication

We have learned the power of awareness and good communication in the way we relate to each other. It’s not about trying to change the other person to suit your needs. Many couples suffer in blaming and trying to control each other which just doesn’t work. We discovered that even though we have each other we need to be completely happy and whole within ourselves. We both feel comfortable being alone and able to enjoy our own company so we are not totally dependent on each other to be happy.

Our Relationship Experience

From our personal experience it is important to be willing to give to each other and to receive. We have found that flexibility is a key factor in the health of our partnership and the ability to listen and be supportive of each other.

We enjoy spending time together and one of our favorite things we like doing is a having a  refreshing swim in the ocean and a sunset stroll along the beach on a beautiful afternoon. We enjoy watching a good movie and taking turns to let each other choose what we are going to watch.

Just being together and having gratitude is magical! Being  a couple requires learning and growing together and this never stops.

Our Advice and Tips to Share

Having a partner is exciting and requires making a commitment to each other.

We have so many love tips to share with you on this site so that you too can experience heartfelt joy and connection in your life and the keys to a healthy, lasting relationship!

Love and Blessings!

Shay and Ron