In love with you and all these little things quote

Loving someone and all their little things

It feels really special to be in love but being in love can come with a lot of questions.

Sometimes maybe you feel unsure and you have a lot of questions about where the relationship is going and what does the future hold for the both of you together. Is it love now or love forever?

So when you think you have fallen in love with your special someone you walk around feeling like you are just floating, have a huge beaming smile and can’t wait to be with them. You feel butterflies in your stomach when they are near or whenever they text or call you.

Love or Infatuation?

So are you really in love or is it just infatuation? How do you tell the difference?

When it’s love you both talk openly and do thoughtful things for each other. You show genuine concern and are helpful and caring. You listen to each other intently and freely communicate.

Most of all you enjoy spending time together!

Quote - I'm in love with you and all your little things

And all your little things!

The decision is made and you are really in love. You love your significant other and all their little things. When you met them you met them as a whole person and it is up to you to love them completely.

All the little things mean their habits and patterns, special character traits and personality.

It is who they are and that is why you feel love and connect with them and it is important to not think that there are aspects of your partner’s personality that you will try and change later.

True love means:

  • No holding back – be open to share who you really are. Be your true self! Don’t pretend!
  • No saying what is right or wrong- Being in love is not about judging each other.
  • No complaining – talking about issues and share your feelings is much better than complaining
  • No wishing they were more or wanting to change them- they are who they are when you met them. Love them for who they are not what you want them to be!
  • You are able to say to them openly and honestly:

So are you able to say, ‘I love you and all your little things!’

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