First date expectations

This is your date, not theirs – dealing with others expectations

Your date doesn’t meet their expectations!

Dating can be a really exciting time. It can be filled with mixed emotions as well. You wonder what it is going to be like, what you will talk about or whether this person is the one for you. Often all your friends know you are going on a date and who with and often they will have a lot to say. Friends like to share their opinions and give advice about what they think is best for you. Sometimes this advice might be conflicting because you intend to date someone who they feel doesn’t fit their expectations.

What are your eyes are looking for!

Or these expectations can be all your own because you will only go on dates with people who you think have ‘what your eyes are looking for.’ You have decided what that person must look like before you will consider a date. This approach can be quite limiting because you are not giving yourself a chance to get to know someone on a deeper level. It is not all about “what your eyes want.” Rating your dating experiences according to your superficial needs might work for a little while but if you are looking for a longer term relationship it will pay you to look a little deeper.

Love who your heart wants - dating expectations

It is not an automatic relationship!

Yes it’s nice if someone is attractive both inside and outside but leave this part up to divine planning. Enjoy going on dates and getting to know someone and then see how it all feels. Dating is just that; a time to have fun going out with people. It is not immediately a relationship as soon as you meet.

Then again maybe you have already connected with someone who is quite special in your life and it really feels right because you feel it in your heart. “Love who your heart wants.”

Friends and family may still offer their opinions about your date but ultimately it is you that has to decide if the relationship feels right. “This love is yours, not theirs.”

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