Flirting tips for shy girls to get him to notice you

Flirting tips to make him notice you

You’ve got your eye on a guy you’d like to know better but you may not know how to go about getting him to notice you. Use these flirting tips to get him to notice you and who knows, you might just land the date you’ve been waiting for!

Make eye contact – It all begins with eye contact. Lock gazes with him for a second or two to let him know you’re interested.

Be confident – Many men are instinctively attracted to a woman with confidence. Hold your head high and be comfortable in your own skin and he’ll pick up on it.

Lavish him with compliments – Feed his ego a little but don’t go overboard. Subtly compliment him on something he’s wearing or his cologne. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice compliment every now and then?

Show off your smile – A simple smile is one of the best ways to get his attention. Avoid the creepy factor by giving him a quick glance and a sweet little smile.

Ask him questions – Start a conversation with him by asking him something about himself or his opinion about something. By asking him questions you show him that you are interested.

Touch his arm or hand – Lightly touching his arm or hand while in conversation can help him feel connected to you. He’ll appreciate the gesture and hopefully reciprocates.

Wear red – Studies have shown that guys are naturally attracted to the color red so wear your favorite red dress or accessory when you know you’re going to see him.

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