Signs you chose the wrong girl

Signs you are dating the wrong girl

Uncertain about the girl you are Dating

A lot of guys discover that when they start dating girls, they often find themselves in circumstances that are filled with uncertainty and doubt. You might discover that you have a pattern of going out with girls with complications or endless drama issues. It would be helpful to become aware of certain signs that are going to tell you that she is probably not the one for you.

There are many red flags when it comes deciding if you are with the right girl and each of these have different meanings for every guy.

Dating Red Flags

Firstly, are you having doubts and constantly asking  questions like is she the one for me? It is natural to be unsure when you initially start to date but if you find yourself having continual doubts sometimes you have to take notice and listen to your heart.

Do you feel restricted because you feel as if you aren’t able to do all the things you enjoy doing? Are you both able to share in doing things that you each enjoy?

Maybe you think about finding another girl because you can’t see yourself in this relationship in five years time. You are out with this girl but thinking about dating other girls.

You feel like conversations between you are often forced and you can’t be your true self because you hold back on saying how you feel for fear of upsetting her or making her angry.

You notice that she regularly complains about you or wishes you were more like someone else. It seems she is not happy with you the way you are!

It begins to feel like keeping the relationship going is a chore. Things aren’t just naturally flowing and there is not much excitement when planning to see her.

You may notice that she only interacts with guys by flirting with them and this can lead to things getting messy. If you don’t both feel comfortable it could lead to jealousy… and fights. Life is too short to deal with these circumstances consistently. Therefore if it appears that this is a problem, you might want consider whether this is the right relationship for you.

Warning signs of a bad relationship

Are you dating just to rescue?

You know her dating and relationship history is shaky. You might feel sorry for her because she has had difficult past relationships and assume that it was always the guy’s fault in the situation. Nevertheless, when a girl has a lengthy track report of messy romantic relationships, you may presume that she had a big hand in many of them. That’s not saying that a girl won’t have had poor romantic relationships in the past, it’s simply that when all they possess is a history of poor relationships, she most likely had a big part to play in many of them. You may want to rescue her or save her but have a really good look and decide do you really have a great relationship?

Talking about issues that arise in the relationship may become more difficult and uncomfortable but you find the issues hard to ignore.

You know you don’t feel good in the relationship anymore but fear being lonely and unhappy if you break up. You need her because you can’t be happy alone. Clearly, this is not a good reason to keep the relationship going. It is important to be able to feel comfortable and happy even when you don’t have a girlfriend.

Being honest with yourself is better than an unhealthy relationship.

When you realize that these warnings signs relate to what you are feeling and experiencing with the girl you are dating maybe it is time to honor what you really feel and end the relationship before it becomes too difficult and messy. If it is time to move on for you then we recommend the following book for helpful ideas: Attract The Right Girl: How To Find Your Perfect Girl And Make Her Chase You For A Relationship

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