Should I give the relationship a try

Should I give the relationship a try?

When we are dating or have been dating for some time we can often hear that little voice in the head creating doubts and telling stories about our developing relationship with another person. Often fears can arise in relation to making a commitment to each other or questioning where we are heading in regard to the future of the relationship. We may view the relationship from a sense of pride or fear of being hurt if it doesn’t work out. We may not even be willing to give it a chance because our logical mind or ego says it is pointless.

These voices can speak very loudly and override the true feeling of our heart. The heart gently whispers to give the relationship a try! If you hold back through fear and doubt you remain closed and the other person can feel this. We need to open our heart to love not only each other but ourselves as well. Next time you experience doubts or fears be willing to feel these feelings and follow the whisperings of your heart!

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