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Everyone wants a great relationship but learning how to understand each others differences seems to be the first step. In consideration of the findings below what do we discover about men and women in relationships? Is this really the norm or an over generalization and how can we reap benefits from such information.

Men and Women Communicate Differently

We learn men and women may have difficulty in communication. Generally women like to talk and men tend to be less talkative and more task oriented particularly focusing on one thing at a time. In particular men tend to talk in facts and women more speak from emotions.

Looking Great

When it comes to the perfect date both men and women want to look great and it seems men love a woman in red but what about the versatile black dress for all occasions.

Tips for what to wear on a first date

As for men, woman seem to be drawn to the color blue but is that blue shirt, blue jeans, blue suit or maybe it depends on the characteristics of the man.

Will there be a second date?

Whether there will be a second date comes up for consideration early on a first date but men and women decide at different times and for different reasons. A woman will initially base their impression of a man on their appearance followed by body language, style of speech and lastly on what he actually says. For men it may firstly be about physical beauty. This may account for the time difference in deciding on that second date. Men decide within 15 minutes and women take an hour.

Falling in Love

In regard to falling in love men are much quicker at knowing than women. Men again are much more focused on one task and maybe because of this¬† they can make their mind up quicker. When it comes to the big ‘L’ word women consider all the options and scenarios in a much broader sense so it takes them longer to know if it is really love!

Kiss me!

In the kissing stakes where women are the ones that close their eyes and men apparently keep them open the question to consider is: Is the kiss better with eyes open or closed. Where do women go when they close their eyes and are men just making sure the woman is really there and can’t escape? Maybe it would be a great practice to mix it up a bit. So men, see what it feels like to close your eyes while you kiss and women it’s time to look into your man’s eyes and really see him.

Kissing on the first date - kissing eyes open

Ready for Sex?

Men are quick off the mark when deciding they are ready for sex if they know after the third date but women once again considering all factors are not truly decided that it’s time to enter the bedroom from 1-3 months after the first date.

Being Truthful

So is love really in the air when 38% of men had an ulterior motive for saying ‘I love you’ and women just seem to be able to say things they don’t really mean. Once again this doesn’t demonstrate the basis for establishing good communication for a healthy relationship.

Given the superficial nature of ulterior motives for sex or not being honest it seems it would be beneficial if more couples considered their marriage vows and wrote their own agreements and discussed their concerns to give their relationship the depth and consideration it deserves.

Common factors on the relationship requirements checklist for both men and women are the importance of trust, respect and a sense of humor. Maybe these aspects would be a good beginning for writing the marriage vows.

Relationship facts revealed - Men vs women compared

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