Is he falling for me signs

Signs he is falling in love with you

It may be a little difficult to know when a guy is falling in love with you because they don’t always verbally communicate their feelings like women. Use these 7 tell-tale signs to know when he’s falling for you…

1. He loves spending time with you – A guy wouldn’t forgo quality time hanging with the guys unless he is really into you.

2. He gets you gifts – Spending his hard earned money on a gift to make you feel appreciated…. yeah he’s definitely falling for you!

3. He remembers things you like – If he’s putting in the effort to remember your favorite food, song or anything else it could be a definite sign that he’s falling in love with you.

4. He wants you to meet his family Р If he wants you to meet the most important people in his life, his family, then that might mean he sees you as an important person in his life as well.

5. He includes you in his future – When “I” turns to “we”, he definitely sees you as part of his future.

6. He cooks you dinner – If your guy doesn’t usually cook but wants to make you dinner, it’s a sure sign he’s trying to impress you which means he sees you as someone special.

7. He shares childhood stories with you – When the conversations turn from his¬†favorite type of music or sports team into stories of his family and childhood, this could mean that he’s opening up to you and he trusts you.

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