Creative dating ideas for happy relationships

Creative dating ideas for happy relationships

Whether you are new to the dating scene or not it’s time to get creative to encourage happy, thriving relationships. Dating doesn’t have to mean going out for dinner or dining and then  going to the movies. Use your imagination for new and different  ideas to surprise your date or make your next date more exciting and adventurous.

We are all so caught up in technology today and we forget that some of the old ways of romance can be very special!

Thrive in a your relationship

Bring back the love notes and secret letters that you find when you are at work or hidden places at home! Pick a bunch of flowers from the garden or even just one flower and give with a romantic note. The ideas don’t have to be expensive as it’s the thought in the moment that counts and makes it special. Act on the feelings from your heart instead of being aware of them and remaining stuck in fear or worry of what the other person might think. Bring out the real you! The one that wants to feel alive and thrive in a loving healthy relationship.

Happy relationship

Plan a beautiful picnic and have fun preparing the food that you know each other will really enjoy! Pick an amazing place to have the picnic and just soak up the surrounds with the one you love! It’s great to keep coming up with new ideas to change your old habits and patterns which means that you are open to bringing in new ways into your life. Happy relationships have their basis in the time you spend together and the memories you create. Dance in the moonlight or get up early and have a date at sunrise with a special breakfast. Both of you can get creative and plan to meet together somewhere memorable.

Creative dating to help your relationship

The movie ‘Elizabethtown’ is a great example where the guy follows a series of directions that are handwritten on notes and has to find the girl in the crowd with the red hat on.

Creative date ideas for couples

Romantic ideas don’t have to be saved for Valentine’s Day they can be acted on any day of the year!

So let’s get creative when dating, use your imagination and the element of surprise and bring on the romance in your life! We recommend the book 300 Creative Date Ideas.

If you have some creative dating ideas let us know about them in the comment section below!

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