Stay at home romantic date ideas for couples

20 cheap stay at home date night ideas

Although it’s nice to do sometimes, you don’t always need to go out to 5 star restaurants or do really expensive weekends away to show your love to each other. Sometimes the best date nights are cheap, if not free! It’s not about how much money you spend, but how you spend those precious minutes of your time together. So why not stay in this weekend with your partner and try some of these cheap at home date night ideas.

1. Wine Tasting for Two – Instead of heading out for a wine tasting experience, create the experience at home by picking up a nice bottle of wine or two that you have never dared to try. You could even pair this with some lovely organic cheese, olives, and artichokes to create your own wine and tapas experience at home. Who says you need to go out to experience the finer things in life?

2. Couples Massages – Get close and intimate by giving each other a back, neck or foot massage. Smell can be just as important as touch when giving a massage, helping to create that sensual environment. Using something like a Sensual Massage Oil is a great way to get started, as it smells divine due to its combination of lavender, almond and jojoba oils. It also has the added benefit of nourishing the skin leaving it soft and smooth. Spoiling your partner with a massage is a great way to build intimacy as well as helping them to relax and relieve potential stresses.

3. Romantic Candlelit Dinner – It might seem obvious and the typical stay at home date idea, but because it’s so obvious, sometimes people forget to make the effort to do this with their partner on a regular basis. Next time you have a free evening together, make sure you dim the lights and set the mood with some candles. Just by creating that romantic and relaxed atmosphere, you may find that it helps to break down some of the communication barriers that normal busy life creates. Remember when you first started dating, and you would go out and have dinner and spend hours talking to each other, time disappearing as you got lost in each other’s words. By creating that intimate environment at home, it will hopefully give both yourself and your partner a chance to open up more about what is going on in your lives and how you are feeling on different things. So if you haven’t in a while, make sure you have that candlelit dinner at home for a romantic and intimate night together as you get to know each other again.

4. Bubble Bath for Two – Fill the bath with some suds, relax and talk to each other about your day. The Lavender Chamomile Bubble Bath by Deep Steep produces lots of bubbles and has a light sexy scent.

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5. YouTube Night – Take turns showing one another your favorite funny videos or learn some new dance moves. The possibilities with YouTube are endless…

6. At Home Karaoke – Have a friendly karaoke competition with your other half. Even if you’re not a singer, you can turn the music up and dance along while your partner belts out some your favorite tunes. Music is food for the soul and creates a natural high, and karaoke has the added benefit of always being good for a laugh as you try to hit the high notes and do silly dance moves while you sing along. Party Tyme Karaoke releases compilations of the latest hits on a regular basis but also has themed compilations such as Country Classics and Classic Rock, so you are sure to find something that has all your favorite songs.

7. Video Game Night – Play against each other or teach up with one another in your favorite video game.

8. Play Twister – Spreading out that plastic mat with colored dots may remind you of your teenage years, where you were finding any excuse to play Twister with the person you were crushing on just to be able to get close to them, but that’s exactly what makes it so much fun to play with your partner. Remind yourself of those exhilarating times at the start of your relationship where you were getting to know each other. Playing a cheeky game of Twister with your partner, where you can tease them by getting close and wrapping your arms and legs around each other, creating some really awkward positions. And who knows, it could lead to some great new steamy memories for you as a couple as well.

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9. Movie Marathon – With most people leading such busy lives, we often don’t get time to just sit and relax. When you can have a quiet night in, have a movie marathon and watch some of your favorite movies together. You can choose a theme for the night and each pick one or two movies to fit that theme, such as romantic comedies, country westerns, or even some old black and white classics.

10. Star Gazing – hit the backyard with a blanket and cuddle with your sweetie under the stars.

11. Truth or Dare – Challenge each other to a game of “truth or dare”. It’s a way to get questions answered without probing.

12. Cook Together – Cooking together builds on your connection and team working skills, plus you’ll also have a yummy dinner to enjoy together.

13. Game Night – play your favorite board games from childhood together or if you want to spice things up, you might try playing the games “Never Have I Ever” or “Cards Against Humanity” which could end up revealing a lot of interesting things about each other that you never knew.

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14. Housework – So doing housework together doesn’t instantly bring romantic thoughts and images to mind, however it’s a good way to finally complete some outstanding small projects around your home. These might be some DIY type jobs where you need a few hours to complete them, which you can’t seem to fit in during your normal busy work life. By working on a project together, you can get things done so much quicker, but also you may learn about some skills your partner has that you never knew, or provide a reminder to really appreciate your partner’s abilities and what they are able to do. Doing small projects around the house can also help with turning it into a home, and build some fond memories for the future.

15. Workout together – If you and your partner live in your gym gear and don’t mind sweating it out together, trying a new workout at home together may be your perfect date night. There are some really great videos on Youtube showing partners doing workout routines together using each others body weight as well as incorporating some acrobatic type moves. Spending an evening together learning a workout routine together not only helps you get fit and give you a burst of endorphins, as a couple, you will also build a new level of trust as you learn and practice some of the more difficult moves.  If a workout is not quite your thing, something like how to dance or yoga videos might be a different option to try. Ensure you choose something where you are required to touch each other, so you can enjoy that physical closeness while you learn something new together.

16. Strip Poker – Play a friendly game of strip poker … be careful, it may just end up in the bedroom. Not like that’s a bad thing…

17. Fondue night – Get into your 70’s groove and have a fondue night together. Simple classics such as cheese or chocolate are always a favorite, but with some many interesting recipes out there, you could also try something new together. If you’re one of the few that don’t have a fondue set hiding in the cupboard, then this gorgeous red ceramic fondue set by Cuisinart is a perfect option for couples, as it’s not too large and also has that romantic vibe.

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18. Chocolate tasting – The way to a girls heart, spend the night feeding her chocolate! OK, maybe that’s just me! But if you and your partner are lovers of chocolate and eating a whole lot of it sounds good, you may be surprised to find out that chocolate is actually quite complex and has such a variety of tastes. Instead of just being chocoholics, consider becoming “chocolatiers” together with an interactive Chocolate Tasting Kit. It provides information on buying the right types of chocolate and how to taste them and identify the different flavors. So next time you want to surprise your partner, instead of just buying them a normal box of chocolates, you can wow your partner with different types of chocolate… and spend a romantic night tasting all of them together.

19. Netflix marathon – Binge watch your favorite TV shows together to clear them off the “to watch” list.

20. Relax & Cuddle – Simple but sweet. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax and not really “do” anything. Spend a night just holding each other, talking about your future and all the things you plan to do together. Savor the feel of your partner’s body close to you, hearing their heartbeat and feeling their chest rise with each breath, knowing that you have chosen each other to share your lives with.

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