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Ultimate tips for online dating

When it comes to online dating, just as in real life, we can probably all agree that there is no one miraculous piece of advice that will guide you to the love of your life or help you create a perfect relationship. What we offer here are some great tips that could help you avoid the usual awkward situations that come up in this new, virtual, popular online dating world. Let’s take a look:

Don’t take anything too personally!

When you don’t have a person right in front of you, you can’t hear the tone of their voice or see their hidden smile, so everything said can be very easily misinterpreted. Don’t take anything that might seem bad too much to heart.

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Don’t overly tease people you don’t know well enough!

Just as easily as you could interpret something wrongly, the person you are having an online relationship with could do the same. Keep that in mind if you’re using puns, play on words, or just humor that’s more on the sarcastic side.

Be honest, but not naive!

While it’s ok to be sincere in your communication, this doesn’t mean that you should reveal all your secrets just because it’s easier to do than when talking in person. Give as much as you get, and remember – you being honest doesn’t necessarily mean everything your online partner is telling you is also true.

Tread carefully around emoticons!

We all have the need to use the emoticons because we feel that something is missing in our communication when is not face-to-face. While it’s fine to use emoticons from time to time, it’s not fine to use them all the time.


Don’t judge someone solely by their writing skills!

Not everyone is paying attention to grammar or spelling, and let’s be honest – not everyone knows all of the rules. Also, sometimes people get carried away by the topic and type very quickly so that they don’t lose their line of thought.

Choose your photos carefully!

Your online dating profile should only contain photos that truly represent you, because if you decide to take your relationship to another level, that someone else could end up disappointed.

Try not to get possessive or jealous!

Don’t expect from your partner to always be at your disposal, he or she will probably having other activities and duties in life.

Be precise in your communication – online dating can be tricky!

To avoid the misinterpretation we mentioned before, try to be precise in your communication – both verbally (video dating) and in writing. Until someone gets to know you well, be as clear as possible.

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Gradually come to the subjects that are important to you!

We know that is not often fun to talk about the weather and other, more or less, trivial topics, but they could be perfect for the beginning. Not everyone is ready to discuss serious topics instantly.

Be modest in everything!

Whatever you do – do it in the right amount. Don’t over explain yourself, don’t be too shy or too self-confident, try to be relaxed and modesty will come naturally.

If you think about these little bits of advice carefully, you’ll see that most of them can be applied not only to online dating, but real-life dating as well, meaning that these two types of dating and relationships might not be that far apart as commonly considered.

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