Dating relationship stages - transition from dating to relationship

Dating or in a Relationship?

Is there a difference between dating someone and being in a relationship? Sometimes it can be really confusing for both people. The answer is yes, they are quite different. Two people decide to go out on a date to spend time together and get to know each other. They might talk about topics such as personal life, goals for the future, family, friends, hobbies and sports. If they enjoy spending time together on their first date then they may make a arrangements to see each other again.

Confusion about Dating

The confusion arises because often women act like they have entered into a relationship from the first time you go out. If the guy doesn’t call after the date she might get upset or even angry about it. The guy doesn’t know what is wrong with her because he only went out with her on a date.The confusion around dating and relationship arises through the different ways that men and women see things which is kind of like an unwritten code. When a couple step up and decide to communicate clearly with each other this makes such a difference in the quality of their potential future together. There are so many terms floating about that add to the mixed messages such as “I’m seeing someone!”  Does this mean you are dating and can see other people even though you enjoy seeing each other or does it mean that you are seeing each other exclusively and therefore are you in a relationship?

The Purpose of Dating

The purpose of dating is so people can enjoy each others company and get to know each other to see if you are compatible and a good match for each other. The more dates that you go out on, the more potential there is for entering into a relationship. The term casual dating means you are free to go out with other people.

The difference in all the terms is in how much time you spend together and how often you communicate about your lives.

Dating to a relationship timeline

Dating then Relationship!

A  relationship comes about when you both communicate openly with clarity. You feel compatible and enjoy being together and decide to date each other exclusively. The clarity is necessary so that you both understand what you are agreeing to. It is a mutual agreement and not just an assumption made because you have been dating for a while. You are officially girlfriend and boyfriend.

Now that the dating scene is back in the past and after your ‘status’ has been girlfriend and boyfriend for a while you become more and more involved and might decide that is time to commit to a deeper relationship which takes it all to another level.You both have different expectations so in making a commitment make sure you take responsibility and agree on the terms together.  We recommend Making Sense of Men: A Woman’s Guide to a Lifetime of Love, Care and Attention from All Men. Be clear about what this relationship means for you, be willing to openly discuss every aspect and be honest in preparing for a future together which may or may not involve marriage.

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