How to stay in love for a lifetime

The top 10 secrets for staying in love

Love is a wonderful feeling but when it is reciprocated in a serious relationship it is the best feeling in the entire world. Falling in love is not the problem for most of us, but staying in love can be the tricky part. When you lose the magic and the mystery of getting to know someone it can be hard to remain in love. Lucky for you, there are tips and secrets that can help you rekindle your romance and keep the fire burning.

So, what are the top ten secrets for staying in love?

1. Cherish Your Woman/ Respect Your Man!

Women and men have extremely different needs in a relationship. The core need for a woman is to feel cherished. The core need for a man is to feel respected. As long as men make their women feel loved and needed, they will stay happy and in love. Women need to respect their man and stand behind them in whatever they do.

2. Create your Relationship Agreements!

When you commit to your partner it is important to establish clear boundaries together so that you both understand what is important in each others life. It doesn’t mean  you have to do everything together and enjoy the same activities, it just means that you enjoy your times together and respect the differences that you may share as well.

Create a relationship agreement - love contract

3. Communicate Openly and Often!

Giving them your respect and full attention is important in the relationship. This means being able to communicate openly and honestly. Validate each others feelings and respecting each others opinions is the most important thing you can do for one another. Communicating is not about blaming or judging each other.

4. Listen Attentively!

Practice really listening to each other deeply to develop openness and authenticity. It may sound simple, but that is not always as easy as it sounds. Really listening to your partner, even when they are saying things that you don’t want to hear can be difficult. Sometimes a partner may be unhappy with one aspect of their life and the other partner will choose to ignore that because it would cause problems. This will not work if you want a loving and trusting relationship. If your partner is unhappy, discuss the steps it will take to get them back to happy.

5. Laugh a lot!

Take the time to laugh together. Laughing reduces stress, gives feel-good hormonal release, and improves communication. Laughing will bring the two of you closer and ensure that you enjoy the time that you are spending together. Figure out what activities make you both laugh and enjoy life and make sure to incorporate it into your life.

How to make a woman you love laugh

6. Value Your Unique Connection!

Your partner knows you in a way that no one else does. Value your special connection by giving your full attention to each other, show you care and learn from any problems that arise.

7. Know What Makes Your Partner Feel Loved!

Understand your partners needs for intimacy! Give each other the desired loving attention that you have learned from listening deeply. Know each others love language, which is their preferred way of giving and receiving love. Learn more about your love language from this great book!

The 5 love languages - The secret to love that lasts

8. Plan a Regular Date Night!

Don’t forget to keep things special. Have a date night and dress up like when you first met! Never forget to win them over again and again. You should always try to impress your partner by being the real you and keep things romantic when you get a chance.

9. Encourage Your Partner’s Dreams!

Be encouraging and supportive of each others separate goals and passions. Be positive and reassuring and give guidance or help when asked. Most of all let them feel loved!

10. Learn and Grow Together!

Relationship is the opportunity to relate to each other. By being open to share, honor and support each others journey you choose to learn and grow together and stay in love!

The top ten secrets for staying in love

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