Signs you’re losing her

Signs she is going to break up with you

When your girlfriend starts acting and treating you differently, it may mean that she’s no longer interested in you and the relationship could be falling apart. Here are a few of the biggest signs your girl is losing interest in you so you can figure out whether you want to work on your issues together or call it quits.

She doesn’t return phone calls or texts for awhile – If she’s not talking to you as often or answering your calls/texts in a timely manner she may be trying to create distance between the two of you.

She avoids public affection – If she was all for PDA in the beginning of your relationship but avoids it now, it may be a sign that she doesn’t want others to think you two are together which is a sure sign that she’s losing interest in you.

She puts her girlfriends ahead of you – Not inviting you out with her friends may indicate that she’s creating space between the two of you and opening herself up to other options, especially if most of her girlfriends are single.

She stops arguing with you – All couples disagree at some point and if she’s stopped arguing with you, she may also be done with you.

She starts saying “I” instead of “we” – If she starts saying “I” more often than “we” then that may mean she no longer sees you in her life.

She makes plans without you – Is she leaving you out of her plans? This is a huge sign that her feelings for you are diminishing.

She no longer refers to your future together – If all of the talk about your future together has stopped, it may be a sign she no longer sees you in it.

No more gifts – Most women love showering their men with gifts to show their appreciation but if the gifts stop coming, it may be a sign she no longer feels that way about you.

She doesn’t get jealous – Extreme jealousy is never a healthy sign in a relationship, but if she no longer sets any standards for your relationship, this is a big red flag that she doesn’t see herself with you.

Signs you're losing her

At times it may be very difficult to understand what’s going through a girl’s mind, so it’s important to pay attention to the signs. If you decide she’s worth fighting for, talk to her and let her express any concerns she has in the relationship so you two can work on them and get over it. If the relationship is too far gone and she really is over you, it may be best to just move on. If parting ways is the best option, don’t forget to check out our article with 7 Uplifting Quotes to Help You Move On From a Breakup.