Connection between love and music

Love and Music

Just think of your favorite song and the memories that fill your heart!

There is never a better time than sharing your favorite song and music with the one you love!

Remember your first date or the moment you realized that this person is the ‘one’. The milestones in your relationship can be marked by the top songs of the year or your own special songs that you like to listen to all the time. Do you know the type of music you both enjoy?

Music is a way of communicating and getting to know each other. Do you go to concerts to enjoy particular artists? Music is something we can really share together as a couple. We can just relax on a Sunday afternoon and put on some good music or we can really have some fun and dance to our favorites. When is the last time that you packed some beautiful food and went on a picnic accompanied by good music?

Love and Feelings

We really feel music in our hearts and it makes us come alive!

An unknown person once said, “Music is what feelings sound like”

One way to get us in touch with our feelings whether they be happy, sad orĀ  angry is through music. We can relate music to different times. When we share a rendition of some golden oldies it can be lots of fun. Just let go and sing songs in the car even if you don’t feel you are a good singer, it doesn’t matter because there is so much freedom in just letting go. You can share this joy with your partner and they will just love you! Maybe you only sing in the shower but regardless it is a happy time in your life to just be the real you!

Love and music quotes

Love and Really Listen!

Learn about different types of music from each other. Remember the songs you sang and enjoyed when you were younger. Share how your taste in music has changed over the years. Go on a music journey together! Close your eyes and really listen to music from your heart and share your love with your partner. Really listening to music deeply helps you to be open to listen to your partner and communicate. As a couple what is your special song that you both enjoy?

Jean Paul Friedrich Richter said,” Music is the poetry of the air!” Together you can breathe in the air and feel the joy and aliveness!

If music is new to you or you don’t really pay much attention to it then start exploring. There is so much on offer. You don’t have to spend lots of money, just take notice of all the music around you such as in shops, or on the street you can stop and listen to a busker. Instead of just walking past a street musician you can now find a new appreciation for music and this opens your heart.

Love Music and Romance

Romance can be shared through music and the memories that you created together. There is such a wide spectrum of music to explore so maybe you can start together by revisiting the top songs from this year. Have a look at these great songs:

What are your favorite love songs and where do you like to listen to them? Let us know in the comments below!

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