Giving everything you've got - marriage is not 5050

Giving everything you’ve got

Marriage is not 50/50, divorce is.

Are you a newlywed or just engaged? If so, here’s a little advice for a successful marriage… give it everything you’ve got, all of the time! People often say that marriage is 50/50 but it really shouldn’t be. Marriage should be 100/100. Being married and promising vows to each other is about giving everything you’ve got (including your heart) to your spouse, not dividing everything in half.

The two of you should always give one another 100% of the most sacred thing: your heart. The best way to make your partner feel secure in the marriage is to let them know you are giving it everything you’ve got every day. If you can’t give 100% of you 100% of the time, you may need to express this to your husband or wife and really talk it out to see it the marriage is really the right thing for you.

Do you give everything you’ve got in your marriage? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

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