Tips for a happy marriage

10 tips for a happy marriage

One of the key components to a happy marriage is to do little things to remind you two of why you fell in love with each other in the first place such as these 10 suggestions.

Make laughter happen

User your words

Put on your spouse’s shoes

Keep dating

Be present in the moment

Take a deep breath (then take another)

Get away

Fight fair

Let your care cup run over

Eat dinner together

Couples can do one or even all of these small things daily to create a togetherness in the relationship and strengthen your bond. These aren’t the only 10 ways to keep the spark alive in your marriage, but just some suggestions. Your list may be shorter and it may be extremely longer, just be creative! Remember to never stop dating each other and keep it fresh to avoid boredom in your marriage. What are some ways you keep the spark alive between you and your spouse?

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