How to know if it is true love

Is it true love?

So many people ask questions like how do I know I love someone, how do I know it is true love or how do I know that someone loves me?

The answer is it is not the words you use or the things you do. It is trusting what you feel in your heart. True love is not something you can easily put into  words and logically explain it because everyone’s experience of love is unique. An indication of what love in a relationship might feel like is, it could be described as  an excited, ecstatic, delicious kind of feeling. With this feeling you like spending a lot of time with the other person and when they are not with you, you constantly think and daydream about them and feel so excited about  the next time you will be together.

It is almost like living beyond everyday reality as you usually know it. Everything feels so alive and wonderful and you might walk around feeling as if you are just floating on air or like you have been swept off your feet. There is a feeling of merging together and an overwhelming desire within you.  Nothing seems to bother you at this time when you first feel this love.

The thing to remember is that true love needs work. Two people are drawn together and may commit to an ongoing relationship. As you grow together in love and trust you begin to open up and feel particular needs. This openness can increase your vulnerability. Women and men experience relationships differently, such as women want to feel supported and men want to feel appreciated.

How do you know when someone loves you

These differences help each other to grow and require patience and flexibility to learn and understand each other. We recommend learning more about understanding  these differences to help maintain a healthy partnership in Being Me, Loving You: A Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationships (Nonviolent Communication).

When the relationship has moved beyond the infatuation stage and you have committed to each other, it really is true love. Then you choose to not only share in the partnership but to work at it with open hearts and open communication!

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