Signs of a good relationship

The best relationships

Relationships and finding the perfect partner

The best relationships are often the ones you didn’t expect to happen. You may be searching for your perfect partner and often they are have been right there in front of you all along. You just have to open your eyes and see them in a whole new way. This person may challenge your views and really catch you off guard. Be willing to look closer to what you enjoy about the other person. What are those moments with them that really get your attention? Maybe you react when you are around them because they trigger something deep inside you, a part of you that you usually try and hide.

It’s not about finding the perfect person but being the perfect person for each other. The perfection is in you and you know in your heart that the relationship feels right and you really connect with this person.

Relationships Practice

Everything we learn in life and become good at takes practice. Relationship is about creating right relations.

The best relationship takes practice and a willingness to resolve issues openly instead of fighting, holding a grudge or becoming aloof. There may be ups and downs but it is important that you know you are meant to be together.

A good relationship is about overcoming obstacles, working together, sharing your feelings and really listening to each other from the heart. Dedicate time to practice improving your relationship with the one you love. We recommend reading Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs.

The best relationships

Thriving relationships

Relationships feels good. You don’t have to decide whether you are doing the right thing or whether you are meant to be with this person. Deep inside you know whether it feels good and feels right for you. When you commit to each other you commit as the person you truly are so it is not helpful to have ideas about trying to change the other person.

Your relationship will thrive when you decide that you will be the best partner you can be. You choose to be the perfect partner ‘for’ your partner instead of wanting them to be perfect. Often couples struggle because they get caught up in trying to be right. Trying to be right just causes long drawn out arguments and two miserable people. Difficulties that arise are not always about the other person but rather about you! So when there is a problem, instead of blaming your partner be willing to have a look at what is going on for you. Pretend you are another person looking at your relationship and providing a different view. This helps you to look at the whole situation in a different way to bring new light and understanding so you can work things out together.

Qualities in best relationships

You have decided that you are going to be the best partner you can be. So what are the qualities you can add or improve on in your relationship.

When you are in a committed relationship you need to be supportive of your partner in every aspect of life whether or be in new ventures they are undertaking, sport, work, or hobbies. Give them space to be who they are and enjoy the activities they love to do or feel are important to them.

Encourage your partner to live their joy to help them be true to themselves. Sometimes being supportive and encouraging requires acceptance. Sometimes things your partner chooses to do or be involved in may not be what you would enjoy but you know it is good for them. So acceptance is the key in a great relationship.

The best relationships are full of affection. Affection is that special kiss for no reason, or sharing a hug, holding hands watching a movie or TV show, giving a neck or shoulder massage or just gently touching each other as you walk by. Don’t hesitate to be affectionate with each other and to show that you enjoy being together. Be willing to reach out to your partner with affection from you heart!

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