Dating advice for bald men - does being bald affect dating

Dating Advice For Bald Men

Trying to negotiate the dating scene can be daunting at the best of times. People are often judgemental and there are even some who have no problems openly criticizing others on their appearance.

Both males and females have their own concerns when it comes to physical appearance, but going bald ranks pretty high up on the scale for guys.

One of the biggest confidence killers for men trying to date is going bald. Unfortunately, male pattern hair loss is an expected, although often unwelcome, consequence of heredity and getting older.

And it effects a really large number of men!

You might be surprised to learn that about one fifth of males in their twenties show some degree of male pattern hair loss, and that this increases to approximately 50% by the age of 40. Some of the first noticeable signs being hair shedding or hair thinning.

Throw in learning to deal with hair loss and its effect on your appearance and confidence, it’s not surprising single bald guys may start to despair and wonder if there are any girls out there who want to date a balding man.

Dating advice for bald men - do girls like shaved heads

Is There Anyone Who Wants To Date A Bald Guy?

Ok, first up, a reality check is needed here.

There are definitely some women out there who will not want to date a guy who is going bald. They may have a range of reasons. Some might be extremely shallow and others may have very personal reasons that they can’t control. You can’t change them and they will always be out there. And if they don’t want to date you, why would you want to try and date them?

The other consideration is what age bracket you are looking to date within. This will have an influence on your dating prospects, but no matter what you are more than likely going to run into this issue. They don’t call it the dating game for no reason.

Young women are probably going to be more picky about a lack of hair with guys who are a similar age to them, while for those men who are considered middle age and above, the women are likely to be more open.

Although it can definitely suck at times for younger guys who are experiencing hereditary baldness, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Luckily as we get older, we get better at accepting the fact that we have very little control over certain physical attributes, especially things like having a full head of hair. We also become more mature and accepting of other people in general which is definitely a good thing.

However, no matter your age you are not down and out, as there are still many women who love a guy with a shaved or bald head.

For many women, the confidence a man displays is often the most attractive feature. How you see yourself will often improve your dating chances more than whether you have hair or not. 

Dating advice for bald men - how to be bald and attractive

The Key Is To Embrace The Bald Look

What can often seem unattractive is a guy who is delaying the inevitable, and refusing to accept that he is going bald. Think of the typical image of the dude with the super bad hair cut or the over-the-top combover trying to hide the fact that there is a bald spot starting to appear. 

There’s a common saying that pops up when discussing bald guys and dating advice: some girls don’t like bald men, most girls don’t like balding men.

Once you reach a point where it is obvious that you are experiencing baldness you will need to make a choice to embrace it fully. Choose a hair style that compliments what you have. For a lot of guys that’s going to be opting for a shaved look, whether that is taking it down really short or going for a total clean shave  – that is really all up to you and what makes you feel comfortable. 

Boost Up That Confidence

Guys who are trying to hide their baldness often end up having the worst type of haircuts which detracts from their overall look. This can have a negative impact on how they view themselves. 

If you are shaving your head for the first time, you may choose to do it in stages to allow yourself to adjust to the change. It will also help with increasing your confidence and getting use to your new and improved hair style. 

Often because you have doubted yourself and your appearance for so long, the increase in your confidence will more than likely be an unexpected bonus. By taking that step and just doing it, it’s likely you’ll get a pleasant surprise of compliments from your friends and family. Bask in it, and let yourself feel good about taking control of the situation!

Let Women Get To Know The Real You

Men, especially younger men, who are suffering from hair loss may experience social withdrawal, as well as increased worry about how women of their age perceive them.

Research has shown that although male pattern baldness may be seen as a disadvantage in terms of general physical and social attractiveness, bald guys actual experience a much larger increase in their social attractiveness (compared to guys with hair), when women got to know more about his personality. 

Although it might be a struggle and seems cliche, keep putting yourself out there. Let people get to know all the great things about who you are. Once you break that initial barrier with a woman, you’re going to have a much higher success rate when dating and a higher chance of meeting the right person.

Dating advice for bald men - do girls like bald muscular men

Is It Your Time To Grow a Beard?!

You might be thinking, how can a bald guy look more attractive? If you haven’t ever grown a beard before, then you should definitely consider trying it. Many women find facial hair extremely attractive, and it often compliments a nicely shaved head.

Just remember to not go the full wild caveman look and keep your beard neat and trimmed. You still need to include grooming as part of your daily hair routine, it just won’t be the hair on the top of your head.

Protecting Your Head

If you have never had a shaved head before, then you may forget about protecting that new dome of yours. Without hair, your scalp is more prone to getting sunburnt, so make sure to invest in a good hat for outdoor activities and apply sunscreen as needed. No one finds a crispy head sexy! 

Dating advice for bald men - how do you comfort someone who is balding

How Do You Comfort Someone Who Is Balding?

If you are dating a man who is starting to experience hair loss you may not be sure on how to support them. They may even be unwilling to admit that they are having hair loss confidence issues.

Try to show your support. Highlight to them that you still find them attractive and that the hair on the top of their head is not the main reason why you care for them.

Encourage them to have the confidence to accept and embrace their new physical appearance and to make choices that they feel are going to make them happy and improve how they look and feel. 

Should I Consider Balding Treatment Options To Improve My Dating Success?

There are various alternative therapies and hair replacement surgeries out there to try and improve the balding conundrum many men face. Some of the most common treatments that get advertised are hair growth supplements, hair plugs, a toupee or hair weave, and even hair transplants.

These can be expensive, and there are no guarantees that they will work. In the likely event that chosen treatments work, it is usually only temporarily as we can’t ever stop the ageing process. 

Often acceptance of who you are, whether that includes hair or not, is the best step in the long term. You will enjoy increased confidence once you are okay with being bald, which will flow over positively to your dating life. 

Dating advice for bald men - would a woman date a bald man

Would A Girl Date A Bald Guy?

To wrap it all up, if you’re with someone who is concerned about your baldness, just remind them of these great benefits of dating a bald man: 

  • You’ll spend less time hogging the bathroom and using up all the hair gel as you won’t need to waste time styling.
  • Unlike girls who are always leaving hair in the drain, you will never have this problem!
  • You can hit them with an intense gaze and make them swoon as your features stand out a lot more.
  • No greasy hair from not washing it, all you need to do is a 2 second head scrub and you are done.
  • They already know what you look like without hair, unlike those guys who aren’t bald yet but will most likely be one day soon!

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