How to make a woman want you

How to make her fall in love with you

You know you have found the right girl and you want her to fall in love with you! How can you help to make that happen? The following points are suggestions you can work on and as you get to know each other more work on them together.

Be a friend to the one you love

It is important that when you spend time together you spend time doing things that you both enjoy. You need to become more connected to each other by deepening your friendship. Get to know each other more and more. What does your girlfriend really enjoy? What are her interests and hobbies? What does she like to do when she is at home or work? What food does she like? What does she really dislike? These are all great conversation topics and the more you discuss them the more you will know each other.

Appreciate the one you love

It is a wonderful practice to appreciate your girlfriend. Practice being thankful and give her compliments regularly. Having said that don’t just say things and not mean them. When you are together really be together not be there physically and have your mind wandering someone else as she will feel that.

What happens when the one you love is angry?

If any misunderstandings do arise be willing to look at what is going on for you at the time. Misunderstandings can quickly turn into power struggles and be really difficult to sort out.Try and tune in to what each of you is feeling when there are moments of anger or disappointment. Sometimes when she gets angry she is really trying to say something else. Maybe you are late to pick her up to go out and she glares at you angrily because she is upset. All she really wants to say is, “I was looking forward to going out and I when you didn’t show up on time I really missed you!”

When either of you get angry or frustrated be willing to give each other the space to feel your feelings. Just say,” I feel really upset right now, can we talk about this later.”

Keep your love connection alive!

Practice being not quick to judge or blame in any situation. Be the one who is willing to tread carefully and make an effort to understand what is going on.

Always be willing to focus on your fun, joyful times together and this keeps your connection alive!

You may not always agree with each other but be willing to practice valuing her opinion. Acceptance and compromise are valuable practices.

As your friendship and connection deepen even more share your life values, goals, aspirations and purpose with each other.

What do you value most in your life right now? What goals do you want to achieve this year? What do you really aspire to do or be a part of? What do you feel your purpose is in giving to others to make a difference in the world?

She will enjoy your passion for life, your enthusiasm for being someone who wants to make a difference. She will value your plan of action and your clarity¬† about your direction in life. Of course if you don’t know the answers to these questions right now then start working on them. A woman loves a man with a clear sense of purpose and direction! The stronger connection and understanding you have with yourself the stronger your connection will be with the one you love!

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