Positive and uplifting break up quotes

A break up can be a very hard and emotional thing to go through and move on from. Here are our favorite quotes to help you move on from your breakup and get over it so you can meet who you really are supposed to be with. “You move on when your heart finally understands that there is no turning back.” “Some say holding on is what makes you strong.

How to have a healthy breakup

If your relationship just ended or you’re contemplating ending it, you’re probably interested in keeping it as drama-free as possible. As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do. But there are actions you can take to ease the pain and move forward in a healthy way. Here are some steps to having a healthy break up: Give Each Other Space After a breakup, it can be tempting to

What to do when you don't want to break up

Relationships can be difficult in even the best situations. Imagine when there are obstacles and challenges bombarding you along the way. Life can be confusing and conflicting, but you need to determine if you truly love the person you are with or if you are just scared of starting over in the dating world. Many people say they saw the signs that the relationship was over, but refused to take