Good relationships take time work effort

It’s true – good relationships don’t just happen! If two people really want to make a connection with each other and fall in love then it’s going to take time and patience. Two people who truly want to be together and fall in love will need to be accepting with some of the other person’s habits and beliefs. At the same time, there is always a need for compromise within

Should I give the relationship a try

When we are dating or have been dating for some time we can often hear that little voice in the head creating doubts and telling stories about our developing relationship with another person. Often fears can arise in relation to making a commitment to each other or questioning where we are heading in regard to the future of the relationship. We may view the relationship from a sense of pride

How to have a happy relationship

How we feel about our relationship affects every area of our lives. Many people that are married or have partners often convey that they are miserable. They are struggling to keep their relationship together. There are many temporary fixes that can make a difference to relationships but the most important thing is being willing to commit to each other and that means being willing to help each other to learn