Advice on relationship problems

Relationship is a connection between people. It means being able to relate to each other. When issues or problems arise which affect the relationship there needs to be a willingness to share and be open about what you are feeling. This doesn’t mean blaming, judging or making accusations. It is about sharing what you are feeling in a given situation and being willing to listen to the other person and

Things to do to make your relationship stronger

Dreams really do come true and we can definitely change our mind when we meet someone new and discover that dating can be really romantic! You just have to be willing to open to the romantic inside of you! Thinking of your date! You have been out on a few dates together and you are really starting to get to know each other and enjoy each others company. You keep

How to make a woman want you

You know you have found the right girl and you want her to fall in love with you! How can you help to make that happen? The following points are suggestions you can work on and as you get to know each other more work on them together. Be a friend to the one you love It is important that when you spend time together you spend time doing things

How to be romantic on a date

Romance is an expression of love and expresses your desire to connect with your date. For some, showing their romantic side comes naturally while for others it requires some effort. Everybody is a ‘romantic’ at heart and can choose to reveal their romantic side at any time. Relationships have many faces. The number of dates you’ve had influences the type of misconception you may have about being romantic. Saying that