first date

First dates conversation dos and donts

You finally worked up the courage to ask him/her out, now follow these do’s and don’ts of first dates that may lead you to find the one true love of your life! DO: be authentic and real be polite and considerate pay attention be on time put your phone away DONT: be overly emotional or dramatic talk about your ex bring up finances discuss health issues and physical ailments be too

First date conversation starters

Going on a first date can be kind of intimidating at times because of periods of awkward silence, that’s why you need to be prepared. Here are 15 questions to ask your date to keep the conversation going and get to know them better! Skim over them before you head out on your date and keep a few in mind. What are some of your passions and why? What would you

How to be romantic on a date

Romance is an expression of love and expresses your desire to connect with your date. For some, showing their romantic side comes naturally while for others it requires some effort. Everybody is a ‘romantic’ at heart and can choose to reveal their romantic side at any time. Relationships have many faces. The number of dates you’ve had influences the type of misconception you may have about being romantic. Saying that

Dating success first date tips

Everyone wants a great relationship but learning how to understand each others differences seems to be the first step. In consideration of the findings below what do we discover about men and women in relationships? Is this really the norm or an over generalization and how can we reap benefits from such information. Men and Women Communicate Differently We learn men and women may have difficulty in communication. Generally women like