Should I give the relationship a try

When we are dating or have been dating for some time we can often hear that little voice in the head creating doubts and telling stories about our developing relationship with another person. Often fears can arise in relation to making a commitment to each other or questioning where we are heading in regard to the future of the relationship. We may view the relationship from a sense of pride

Importance of communication in relationship

When we have an intimate partner, communicating to each other openly and clearly helps our connection strengthen. We want to make life wonderful for each other so we need to to talk about how we can do this. We want to give to each other from our hearts so it is important that we share and understand how each other feels. We need to be able to say ‘please’ and

How to know if it is true love

So many people ask questions like how do I know I love someone, how do I know it is true love or how do I know that someone loves me? The answer is it is not the words you use or the things you do. It is trusting what you feel in your heart. True love is not something you can easily put into  words and logically explain it because