Positive and uplifting break up quotes

A break up can be a very hard and emotional thing to go through and move on from. Here are our favorite quotes to help you move on from your breakup and get over it so you can meet who you really are supposed to be with. “You move on when your heart finally understands that there is no turning back.” “Some say holding on is what makes you strong.

Giving everything you've got - marriage is not 5050

Marriage is not 50/50, divorce is. Are you a newlywed or just engaged? If so, here’s a little advice for a successful marriage… give it everything you’ve got, all of the time! People often say that marriage is 50/50 but it really shouldn’t be. Marriage should be 100/100. Being married and promising vows to each other is about giving everything you’ve got (including your heart) to your spouse, not dividing