Giving everything you've got - marriage is not 5050

Marriage is not 50/50, divorce is. Are you a newlywed or just engaged? If so, here’s a little advice for a successful marriage… give it everything you’ve got, all of the time! People often say that marriage is 50/50 but it really shouldn’t be. Marriage should be 100/100. Being married and promising vows to each other is about giving everything you’ve got (including your heart) to your spouse, not dividing

Advice on relationship problems

Relationship is a connection between people. It means being able to relate to each other. When issues or problems arise which affect the relationship there needs to be a willingness to share and be open about what you are feeling. This doesn’t mean blaming, judging or making accusations. It is about sharing what you are feeling in a given situation and being willing to listen to the other person and

Things to do to make your relationship stronger

Dreams really do come true and we can definitely change our mind when we meet someone new and discover that dating can be really romantic! You just have to be willing to open to the romantic inside of you! Thinking of your date! You have been out on a few dates together and you are really starting to get to know each other and enjoy each others company. You keep

In love with you and all these little things quote

It feels really special to be in love but being in love can come with a lot of questions. Sometimes maybe you feel unsure and you have a lot of questions about where the relationship is going and what does the future hold for the both of you together. Is it love now or love forever? So when you think you have fallen in love with your special someone you

Handle me at my worst quote

Love and Support Wanted! When you are in a relationship you want to feel the love and support from your partner. Sometimes you might be presented with difficult life situations whether that be to do with family, friends or work. These issues can make you really struggle and this can have an impact on your relationship. This is where communication is really important. When you can openly share what is