real love

How to make a woman want you

You know you have found the right girl and you want her to fall in love with you! How can you help to make that happen? The following points are suggestions you can work on and as you get to know each other more work on them together. Be a friend to the one you love It is important that when you spend time together you spend time doing things

When to say I love you

What is love? It is hard to define because really it is a feeling and the deepest essence of who we really are. It is the deep feeling and connection you share with another. It is an expression as much as a feeling and it is a way of sharing your feelings openly. You have been dating for a while and you start to think about how you really feel

True love stories in real life

A love story is a story of real love and romance. We understand the true meaning of something when we experience it for ourselves. Famous relationships You may have special sayings and endearments that you share in your relationship like ‘darling’, ‘sweetheart’ and ‘I love you with all my heart!’, ‘You are the one I have been waiting for!’ ‘You are my one and only!’ We all know of famous