What is ghosting someone when dating

The term ghosting in regards to relationships is when a partner decides to cease all communication and cuts off all possible contact with the other person. They do everything in their power to avoid and ignore the person, such as blocking phone numbers or social media accounts. They also refuse to respond to any attempts by the other person to reach out to them. It can happen whilst dating, early

How to have a happy relationship

How we feel about our relationship affects every area of our lives. Many people that are married or have partners often convey that they are miserable. They are struggling to keep their relationship together. There are many temporary fixes that can make a difference to relationships but the most important thing is being willing to commit to each other and that means being willing to help each other to learn

Signs of a good relationship

Relationships and finding the perfect partner The best relationships are often the ones you didn’t expect to happen. You may be searching for your perfect partner and often they are have been right there in front of you all along. You just have to open your eyes and see them in a whole new way. This person may challenge your views and really catch you off guard. Be willing to