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What is ghosting someone when dating

The term ghosting in regards to relationships is when a partner decides to cease all communication and cuts off all possible contact with the other person. They do everything in their power to avoid and ignore the person, such as blocking phone numbers or social media accounts. They also refuse to respond to any attempts by the other person to reach out to them. It can happen whilst dating, early

Signs she is going to break up with you

When your girlfriend starts acting and treating you differently, it may mean that she’s no longer interested in you and the relationship could be falling apart. Here are a few of the biggest signs your girl is losing interest in you so you can figure out whether you want to work on your issues together or call it quits. She doesn’t return phone calls or texts for awhile – If she’s not

Signs you chose the wrong girl

Uncertain about the girl you are Dating A lot of guys discover that when they start dating girls, they often find themselves in circumstances that are filled with uncertainty and doubt. You might discover that you have a pattern of going out with girls with complications or endless drama issues. It would be helpful to become aware of certain signs that are going to tell you that she is probably